Isopept Zero

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Hydrolyzed protein isolate is an absolute masterpiece of the fitness industry. Protein and the role it plays in the human body is amazing, in simple terms we use protein as the fundamental building blocks of muscle. EHP Labs Isopept Zero is taking fast digesting hydrolyzed protein to the next level, here's how:

  • Provides fatigued muscle with direct source of fuel for growth
  • Rapid absorption
  • 0 sugar, 0 fat

Available in a range of flavours including:

Banana Bliss - Creamy banana smoothie.

Choc Peanut Butter - Strong peanut butter with a pinch of chocolate.

Chocolate Decadence - Decadent chocolate finish.

Strawberry Sensation - Delicious strawberry thick shake.

Cookies & Cream - Tiny cookie flake inside smooth vanilla cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream - Smooth Vanilla.

Mocha Latte - Quench your caffeine urge, awesome for an iced shake.